Fred Gumo’s Son Arrested for Causing Death of Motorist in 2015

August 24, 2017

The son of former Westlands MP Fred Gumo was yesterday remanded in custody to await a ruling on his warrant of arrest.

Magero Gumo was arrested at the Kibera law courts after he had presented himself before the court to have the warrant of arrest lifted in a case where he is charged with causing the death of a motorist.

The court had issued a warrant of arrest after Magero skipped sessions including a visit to the scene of the accident along Waiyaki Way.

He is charged with causing the death of senior state lawyer Victor Kabaka by reckless driving on April 3, 2015.

According to court documents, Magero was under the influence of alcohol when his car collided with Kabaka’s. It is alleged that he also hit a matatu, injuring four passengers.

On Wednesday, Magero, through his lawyers, moved to court seeking to have the warrant lifted, saying he has shown goodwill by presenting himself in court.

But the prosecution opposed the application, saying the accused had on several occasions failed to attend court, even after the High Court directed him to do so.

The judge had directed him to appear in court on August 3, but he did not.

The case is set for mention on September 12.

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