Akothee: My Last MCSK Cheque is Salary for Two of My Domestic Employees

August 23, 2017

‘Madam Boss’ Akothee does not want to be asked about music.

Following the release of her chart-topping single ‘Baby Daddy’, the singer has turned her attention to farming.

Over the last few weeks, the singer has been on a housekeeping mission at her palatial mansion in Rongo. As a result, fans have been asking about her next single and music related activities.

Taking to her popular social media platform, the ‘Sweet Love’ singer revealed that the last cheque she received from royalties collecting agency, MCSK, was of little worth.

She said she received a cheque of Sh56,000 in October last year, an amount that can’t even pay her photographer.

Akothee added that the amount is enough to pay the salaries of two of her employees.

“Don’t ask me about music right now , the last cheque I recieved from MCSK was 56,000 in October last year , this is salary for only 2 of my domestic employees per month, this cant even pay my photographer ?? so leave me alone , listen to the ones on yuotube , like baby daddy link on my bio & the rest , leave music for now will collect it next month ????awards are coming give me what you think I deserve,” Akothee lamented.



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