VIDEO: Watch Pierra Makena Strut her Curves on Live TV to Slam Fat-Shaming Magazine

June 20, 2017

“The last thing a person should tell a Mother is how bad she looks,” says popular female disc jockey Pierra Makena in her most recent attack on body shamers.

The DJ has recently fallen victim of fat-shaming after Pulse, a pull-out from Standard newspaper, took shots at her post-pregnancy body in its fashion segment dubbed ‘Fashion Police.’

The article was titled ‘Pierra showcases her baby fat.’

Evidently hurt by the fat-shaming article, Pierra went off on the magazine during a television interview on Ebru TV’s women talk show ‘Let’s Talk.’

Part of her emotions-fuelled rant included Pierra Makena getting off her seat and strutting her curves on live tv.

Watch the clip below:

Pierra, who welcomed bouncing baby girl Ricca Pokőt over a year ago, was not done there.

She took to Instagram over the weekend to address the ‘deeply hurtful’ issue with a short clip.

She captioned the video:

“The last thing a person should tell a Mother is how bad she looks. . Putting her down is unfair and uncouth. This should stop..I speak as a mom! And kudos to all women and mothers looking gorgeous and bringing up beautiful children! !!!
The beauty is in the children we have….
I was deeply hurt and I even let it out on my show @letstalkke tells you how emotional we get sometime.”

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