UPDATE: This is The Real Truth About What Really Happened at B-Club Over The Weekend

June 7, 2017

They say don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

The last few days, there have been reports doing rounds of an electrocution at upmarket B-Club nightspot. The club had thrown a pool party to mark its first anniversary. Water and electricity don’t always go well, and according to the rumors, a few people were electrocuted.

But from reports we’ve now received, the events of that night were very different.

A Caucasian man dived into the pool and was unable to swim, and despite all the commotion and noise, he was spotted and luckily saved. Apparently the man was drunk when he jumped into the pool.

“He wasn’t electrocuted. That’s a malicious lie. The man was drunk and obviously unable to coordinate himself in the water and therefore, his risk of drowning. He was later removed from the pool by personnel who weren’t electrocuted themselves…and as you can see in the video, the music plays on in the background as he’s been rescued, therefore,  no power had been turned off…and if there would have been a live wire in the pool, obviously everyone would have been electrocuted, “ a reliable source connected to the Club told a local blog.

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The victim was rushed to hospital.

The same social media rumours had it that the man died. We’ve however learnt that he was in fact discharged from hospital that same night. Now you can relax.

And speaking of the event, it was attended by big local and international performing artistes. On the line up was Nigeria’s Iyanya, Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo, Kenya’s Nameless, Big Pin, Kristoff among others.

To get a sense of how things went down, here are some pics.

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