Chiki Kuruka: I’m not a Trophy and Can’t Join Bien Wherever he Goes

June 27, 2017

Dance and fitness extraordinaire Chiki Kuruka has opened up about the recent rumors that she had parted ways with her boyfriend, Sauti Sol’s Bien-Aime Baraza.

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Chiki, who recently set up a dance studio in Karen, has come out strongly to address the false reports that “came about due to my absence at a few media and entertainment events.”

According to Chiki, it is a shame that people expect her to be on the coattails of her boyfriend as she is a person in her own right.

She spoke to Pulse magazine about her dance studio and why change is needed the expectation placed on women to act a certain way in public.

You recently opened a new dance studio in Karen, how is that going?

It’s going great. I have a few contracts under my belt that keep us moving. But yes, I am really enjoying it.

Are Kenyans willing to pay for fitness?

Does anyone want to pay for fitness is the question. I try and sell fun and lifestyle. A lot of people will come for a few sessions looking for instant results and such give up fast.

That’s a problem everywhere in the world. Kenyans are no different. It’s probably slightly harder here because the concept of wellness is newer.

How different is your dance studio from the others?

For starters, people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. They come to have fun and for the vibe, and for the knowledge. Kuruka Fitness combines the best of dance, health, and wellness.

What other projects are you currently working on?

It’s been a busy year for me. I run the Florida dance floor show every Friday and Saturday night. I also have two major projects I’m working on that I can’t reveal just yet.

Considering you and Bien love to keep fit, is there a workout regime you do together as a couple?

We jog together and also do a lot of training indoors when neither of us can be bothered to leave.

Rumour has it that the two of you are separated, is it true? Is it true that you also moved out of the apartment you shared together?

Both of these are untrue. This is a rumour that came about due to my absence at a few media and entertainment events. I find it really sad.

Maybe that wasn’t so usual…

Thing is rumours will always be there but I just don’t like the tone this one had. Like I said I am quite busy with gigs and my dance studio, and during the week at Citizen TV.

Many a times I am exhausted and can’t join Bien wherever he goes.

Do you feel under pressure with such kind of stories, as in your boyfriend is a celeb…

We need to change and challenge this expectation on women to act a certain way in public.

I am not a trophy. I work very hard and it’s a shame that in 2017 people still want me to be on the coattails of my partner. I’m a person in my own right.

The media tends to be very unforgiving of women and it’s exhausting.

There is the notion that the two of you are together for convenience and business. Is that true?

Well, neither of us have ever earned a penny off being together.

I know that we would both be able to live comfortably with far less scrutiny if people were able to respect our privacy as a couple.

When did you start dating and what are some of the challenges you have faced as a couple?

To be honest I think I have answered enough questions about my relationship.

I have a brand whose area of focus in wellness. Feel free to ask me about wellness.

What do the two of you mostly enjoy doing as a couple?

The glitz and glamour is okay, but we’re normal people and try to do what normal couples do – spending time with each other, and our family and friends.

How is your experience living and working in Kenya so far?

I’ve loved it. I have met many people who have become so dear to me. The energy and the vibe of young Kenyans is unmatched. This is nation on the move and the creative sector is the main force behind that.

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