My Husband is not a Sponsor! Actress Lizz Njagah Furious Over Use of her Photo on Dating Site

May 19, 2017

Award winning actress Lizz Njagah has been left enraged after a picture with her husband Alex Konstantaras was used to promote an online dating site.

The House of Lungula actress took to Facebook to blast the promoter of the dating site going by the name Jane Mueni.

In her post, Mueni recommended the site as a possible solution to all single, lonely and people in boring relationships or complicated marriages.

Her post included pictures of different interracial couples, among them Lizz and her husband Alex.

“Please, abeg, what is this? My husband is not a sponsor, we didn’t meet on a dating site. If anyone knows this Jane Mueni could you please ask her to desist from using our pictures to advertise her fake website. This is just despicable.. NKT. And anyway, if her website was any good why can’t she pick pictures of actual ‘success stories’ instead of illegally using photos of Interracial couples that have nothing to do with her site..,” wrote the mother of one.

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