Trailer: Big Bang Theory Prequel ‘Young Sheldon’

May 19, 2017

If The Big Bang Theory has proven anything after 10 seasons on the air, it’s that Sheldon Cooper is not the most enjoyable person to be around.

His quirks, rules and phobias definitely seem infuriating in an adult man, but judging by the first trailer for CBS’s new prequel series Young Sheldon, they’re surprisingly endearing in a nine-year-old.

It probably helps that the new half-hour comedy (which will air after Big Bang on Thursdays this fall) stars Big Little Lies scene-stealer Iain Armitage in the title role, with Jim Parsons providing voiceover to give us some insight into the mindset of Sheldon’s younger self.

Unlike Big Bang, Young Sheldon is a single-camera comedy instead of a multicam, which means no laugh track — allowing the show to strike a sweeter tone compared to its snark-laden mothership.

We’re not sure exactly when Sheldon flipped from adorable to irritating, but now we’re kind of looking forward to finding out.


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