PHOTO – You Won’t Believe This is Where Nyota Ndogo Used to Sleep Before the Fame

April 25, 2017

With four albums to her name, Coast based songbird Mwanaisha Abdalla aka Nyota Ndogo is one of the most revered and celebrated musicians in the country.

In addition to her astounding musical talents, Nyota’s background and rags to riches story make her a darling and an inspiration to many.

Before she was discovered by Andrew Burchell, a Mombasa-based producer, the ‘Watu na Viatu’ singer was a school dropout who worked as a housemaid.

Back then, life wasn’t as rosy for the taarab-influenced pop singer and on Monday she took a trip down memory lane with her Instagram followers by sharing a pic from her difficult past.

The snap shows where she used to retire after a long day of selling ‘Viazi Karai’ (boiled potatoes coated in a batter made of white flour, gram flour and saffron or turmeric powder then deep-fried).

“Nilianzia hapa.Niliuza viazi karai mahabri kila siku hasubui jioni naenda kuimba na band.MUNGU siwezi kusahau uliponitoa,” Nyota captioned the pic.

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