Maina Kageni: I Have Never Spent a Night in ‘Gichagi’

April 26, 2017

Renowned radio presenter Maina Kageni has made a startling confession about his visits to his rural home otherwise known as ‘Gichagi’ in Kikuyu.

According to the Classic 105 presenter, he has never spent a night in the village.

While the rest of us will usually spend at least a night when we visit our rural homes from Nairobi, Maina who is known for his lavish lifestyle visits and returns on the same day.

Maina was speaking on air about investing in homes in the countryside. He said he couldn’t understand why residents of Nairobi build their homes in the village.

“Why is it important to build in mashambani, and why are you wasting money building there and do you honestly intend to go back and live in mashambani when you retire?” posed Maina Kageni.

He added:  “I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve never spent the night in gichagi.”

He went on to reveal that even when he was young, they would go to “ushago and go back to Nairobi the same day”.

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