The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday April 26)

April 26, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

Moses Kuria Tells NTV Reporter “F**k You”, Then Walks Out of Live TV Interview… Again (VIDEO)

Moses Kuria does not take criticism lightly. He is also very aggrieved when he believes he is being blamed unfairly. This morning, NTV’s Kennedy Murithi learnt that the hard way.

KOT Reactions After Waiguru’s Landslide Win in Kirinyaga

Former Devolution cabinet secretary Anne Waiguru is set for a big win in Kirinyaga County. Provisional results as of Tuesday morning had her leading the race by nearly 20,000 votes. These are however official results from Jubilee. Unofficial results from the ground have her way ahead with nearly

I Have Video Evidence of Entire Joho Family Paying Off Voters in Nyali, Mohammed Ali

Former KTN journalist Mohammed Ali who lost in the nominations for the Nyali MP race is not going down without a fight. The ‘Jicho Pevu’ journalist lost to Joho’s brother, Said Salim alias Saido. Moha garnered 2,873 votes against Saido’s 3,672.

I Regrettably Bow Out of the Race for Kibra MP, Rosemary Odinga Announces (VIDEO)

Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary Akeyo has officially announced her withdrawal from the Kibra MP race citing medical grounds. Rosemary’s announcement comes a week after her name was conspicuously missing from the list of Nairobi parliamentary aspirants set to battle it out in the ODM primaries.

Chills Went with the Safaricom Network!! Larry Madowo’s SAVAGE Reply to a KoT Wins the Internet

Like we always say, Kenyan twitter is not for the feint hearted. If you go around throwing shade on twitter circles you had better have a thick skin or epic comebacks because Kenyans on Twitter show no mercy.

Is Trump backing himself into a corner on North Korea?

“This is a real threat to the world, whether we want to talk about it or not,” Trump said Monday at a lunch for ambassadors of countries who sit on the Security Council. “North Korea’s a big world problem, and it’s a problem we have to finally solve.

North Korea marks anniversary with massive artillery drill

A statement from the South Korean military said the live-fire exercises were underway in the Wonsan region in the east of the country Tuesday afternoon,butgave no details on what kinds of weapons and military units took part in the drill.

German crowd hisses, boos at Ivanka when she defends her dad

The event opened with the first daughter explaining her role in the White House. “You are first daughter — German audience not familiar — what is your role — to whom are you represented? Your father, the American people, or your business,” asked Miriam Meckel, editor of German business magazine Wirtschaftswoche.

Trump: I’ve saved US billions on F-35 fighters

President Donald Trump again used the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to tout his prowess as a negotiator, promising additional savings on the $400 billion program despite warnings from a non-partisan federal watchdog agency that testing delays could increase costs by more than a billion dollars.

Donald Trump just caved on the border wall (Or did he?)

Just days after insisting that any spending bill to keep the federal government open include more than $1 billion for his proposed border wall, President Trump backed off that pledge — abruptly ending the expected brinksmanship between the White House and Congress expected to dominate the week.

What Donald Trump’s “joke” about Nikki Haley reveals about him

“Does everybody like Nikki?” Trump asked the assembled ambassadors as Haley sat by his side. Amid laughter Trump added: “Otherwise, she can easily be replaced.” Now, Trump was joking. And everyone in the room — including Haley — understood that. But, that doesn’t mean he was entirely kidding.

Elton John cancels Las Vegas shows after hospitalization

The Rocket Man is in need of some rest.

India’s biggest ever movie is coming to a theater near you

Baahubali, the Indian film that broke global box-office records two years ago, is now coming to a theater near you. Yet again. This is the sequel, bigger and grander, and will see the widest ever release for an Indian film, when it hits 9,000 screens worldwide – 1,100 of them in the US itself – on April 28.

Man hatches fake terror plot to avoid holidaying with girlfriend

People do crazy things in the quest for love. But crazy to avoid love? Read on. A 32-year-old man from India hatched a fake terror plot to avoid holidaying with his girlfriend. Yes, you read that right. Motaparthi Vamshi Krishna, who incidentally is married with a child, couldn’t afford a vacation his “online girlfriend” desired, Straits Times reports.

Olympian shares touching moment she discovers she’s won a medal 9 years later

For professional athletes, there’s nothing like the sweet moment of Olympic victory. British heptathlete Kelly Sotherton shared a video of her Olympic moment with her Twitter followers… nine years after the Games. In the video, Sotherton discovers that she has been upgraded to the heptathlon bronze medal for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games after retrospective testing revealed Russian athlete Tatyana Chernova was using steroids.

Terrifying video shows a man jumping off a roof to escape leopard attack

A forest ranger was forced to jump off a roof to avoid being attacked by a leopard in India last week. According to India Express, a leopard wandered into the Kuruli village in the Kantabanji forest area of Odisha, terrifying and attacking villagers in the process.

Channing Tatum reports for duty in the first ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ trailer

Kingsman: The Secret Service may have been inspired that most British of properties-James Bond-but the follow-up brings them across the pond to America. The first Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer introduces Statesman, Kingsman’s U.S. counterpart. There, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) and his friends meet elite agents played by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges, and Pedro Pascal.

King Joffrey hugging a pug gets the Photoshop battle it so badly needed

There are some pictures in this world that are so perfect they need to be celebrated in every way possible. This photo of Jack Gleeson (a.k.a. King Joffrey from Game of Thrones) hugging a mildly disturbed-looking pug definitely falls into that category.

Sean Hannity Accuser Walks Back ‘Sexual Harassment’ Claim

In an interview with on Monday, Debbie Schlussel said she doesn’t think that what happened with Sean Hannity amounts to sexual harassment. Still, she stands by her description of events, saying, “He tried to get me to go back to the hotel after the show after he and his executive producer Bill Shine treated me horribly.”

The Federal Government Is Officially Promoting Mar-A-Lago

The department’s ShareAmerica website posted an article on April 4 celebrating Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate with glitzy photos and flowery descriptions of the “ornate Jazz Age house,” which was “designed with Old-World Spanish, Venetian and Portuguese influences.”

Why Sheryl Sandberg Decided To Speak Openly About Losing Her Husband

Nearly two years ago, Sheryl Sandberg poured 1,743 words of raw emotion into a Facebook post that essentially made everyone on the internet cry. Her husband, Dave Goldberg, had died suddenly at the age of 47, not even 30 days earlier.

Trevor Noah Slams Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Like No One Else Can

Trevor Noah on Monday celebrated President Donald Trump’s upcoming 100th day in office by picking him apart ― unkept promise after unkept promise. ” The Daily Show” host zinged the commander-in-chief for failed attempts at a travel ban, repealing and replacing Obamacare, and financing a wall on the Mexican border.

Beyoncé Is Starting A Scholarship For Woke Women In College

Beyoncé is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her earth-shattering visual album “Lemonade” by helping young women pay for college. The singer announced her new program Formation Scholars on Monday, named after her powerfully pro-black single “Formation.”

He’s The Last Male Northern White Rhino On Earth, And He’s Now On Tinder

In his Tinder profile, Sudan is described as “one of a kind” – and that’s not a baseless boast. He’s the last male northern white rhino on the planet and, as his profile explains, “the fate of my species literally depends on me.”

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