Moses Kuria Tells NTV Reporter “F**k You”, Then Walks Out of Live TV Interview… Again (VIDEO)

April 25, 2017

Moses Kuria does not take criticism lightly. He is also very aggrieved when he believes he is being blamed unfairly. This morning, NTV’s Kennedy Murithi learnt that the hard way.

In a live TV interview about the ongoing nomination exercise in Kiambu, Muriithi told Kuria that he is being blamed for some commotion that was witnessed in Gatundu South.

Kuria got angry instantly, telling Murithi that he should produce whoever is blaming him.

“I’m tired of stupid media. If someone accuses me, bring them here. Everything wrong that happens in this country is blamed on Moses Kuria… F**k You!” He concluded before walking out of the interview…. again.

Here’s the clip.

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