Kabogo Shockingly Concedes Defeat To Ferdinand Waititu

April 25, 2017

“It was great serving you..” That was Kabogo’s message to Kiambu people a few minutes ago.

Results have been trickling in since this evening, and it doesn’t look good for the sitting governor. With just a few votes counted, Babayao was ahead with about 12,000 votes against Kabogo’s 2000.

According to reporters on the ground, some family members tried to stop him from giving the ‘concession’ speech, but he pushed ahead.

He said there are some powerful forces seeking to have him out of the seat. He however refused to name them.

Asked whether it was too early to concede, Kabogo said that the trend (of Waititu winning) would continue throughout the night. He said the nomination exercise was shambolic, but still wished the ‘incoming governor’ Ferdinard Waititu well.

He said the governor’s job is a difficult task and hoped Waititu is well prepared.

This is a developing story and we’ll keep updating.

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