I Have Video Evidence of Entire Joho Family Paying Off Voters in Nyali, Mohammed Ali

April 25, 2017

Former KTN journalist Mohammed Ali who lost in the nominations for the Nyali MP race is not going down without a fight.

The ‘Jicho Pevu’ journalist lost to Joho’s brother, Said Salim alias Saido. Moha garnered 2,873 votes against Saido’s 3,672.

In response, Moha has said he will be on the ballot on August 8 and will appeal the results because the exercise was not transparent.

Speaking on Sunday during an interview on a local TV station, Mr. Ali claimed that Mombasa governor Hassan Joho – who was seen during the voting exercise- paid voters to support Saido.

“I will be on the ballot whether on ODM or not. I will appeal to the party because I have video and picture evidence,” Mohammed said.

“The entire Joho family were walking around making sure they are paying off voters to vote against me. I have video evidence and picture evidence,” he added.

He revealed that police had arrested people found with ballot papers pre-marked for his opponent and they were accessible to anyone who needed evidence on how flawed the exercise had been.

“He did not beat me. I am still the winner. I beat Salim in his home ground and even the police managed to arrest two guys and recovered marked printed ballot papers in favour of Said,” said Ali.

Noting that he won’t ditch ODM, Mohammed said he is confident he will clinch the ticket if the ODM Party election board reviews the evidence.

“I am still an ODM guy and the hullabaloo that I am going to jump ship should stop. I am confident that I will emerge winner if they are going to stick to the evidence,” he said.

“I came into politics to fix my country and even if I lose, that does not mean that I will stop what I am doing. I am in this business and I will still fix my country and if I can do it in any other way then I will do it.”

He finally said that Nyali residents should not give up because he is still in the race.

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