Donholm Couple Arrested After Raid on Their House Where Girls Perform Online Sex Acts

April 13, 2017

A man and his wife are in police custody on suspicion of running a brothel in their six-bedroom maisonette in Nairobi’s Donholm estate.

The couple, identified as Dan and Marceline, were arrested Tuesday after police raided the house and found half-naked women.

The couple lives with their children and five sex performers in a gated community in Savannah estate. The performers include a man and four women who reportedly engage in lesbianism for a live and online audience.

Police were tipped about the activities in the house by one of the sex performers, Happy Moraa, who managed to escape from the house.

Moraa, a Form Two dropout from Mombasa, had come to Nairobi in December 2016 after she promised employment as a domestic worker in the house. She was introduced to the couple by her aunt.

She told KTN that her aunt had threatened to kill her if she refused to perform the sex acts.

She escaped following an altercation with the woman of the house after she refused to perform a sex act using toys as requested by a client.

Police who raided the house on Tuesday found an array of sex toys inside the bedrooms and laptops mounted with cameras.

There were also unopened packages of cock cages ordered from Lockthecock.com.au. Moraa said that these packages were used as gifts and prizes for the wealthy patrons of the site.

Moraa told police that their clients are mostly foreigners who pay a lot of money to watch the women engage in lesbianism.

She said the viewers pay more to watch children engage in sexual acts. She claimed that there is a woman who lives in the house who once allowed her underage daughter to perform for a client after being lured by the money.

Last week, a local daily reportedly carried out undercover investigations and found four women in the act.

“A soft knock at the door that mid-morning is responded to by a half-naked young man, who assumed we were clients and cordially ushered us to an upstairs room. Here, we found four women in the act, two on the floor engrossed in cunnilingus, while two women were on a sofa kissing ravenously in front of two laptops with webcams,” reports The Nairobian.

One of the women, Mercy Anyango, believed to be the ringleader claimed that they were models who just chat with clients all over the world.

“What you have witnessed is not real. We just act like licking each other’s privates or use sex toys to get money from white men who enjoy watching us. We also see them (clients in other countries) jerking off,” said Moraa.

The women are reportedly paid between Sh5,000 and Sh20,000, depending on what clients want them to do to each other.

Liz Adhiambo, one of the women found in the act, said, “I met Mercy in a club. When she recruited me, I thought it was just housework. But when she revealed that this is what she wanted me to do, I had no choice because I needed the money. We act for money. She pays me Sh5,000 every week. We make a lot of money. I own a room here and enjoy life. However, I don’t allow my children who are here to watch what we do.”

The couple and the women were arrested and now are awaiting to be charged.

Additional Reporting by The Nairobian

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