Akothee Speaks Up on Alleged Love Relationship with her Manager

April 18, 2017

Musician Akothee has rubbished alleged reports that she and her manager Nelson aka Nelly Oaks have a romantic thing going on.

The speculations emerged after the Tucheze singer uploaded a photo on social media showing love to her manager Nelly, in addition to the many posts the two share on their social media accounts.

Before the speculations could spread any further, Akothee through social media has set the record straight saying her relationship with Nelly is only business.

“IF only you knew what this Man means to me , HE means the whole world to me , the higher you go the thinner the air , ooh yes I have not many friends I believe they are not upto 5 to be precise, I have too much to handle , & am not everyone’s cup of tea , forget about the glam you see , men/ managers , came & flea not even running , they took off , simply because they saw the wealth & not the person I am ,they wanted money& glam & not recieve the pressure , I have been so lonely for so long till I met this innocent Soul @nellyoaks , he comes from a rich family the (royal ), there is no wealth he has not seen so pliz chill , HE is calm , straight , patient ,loving & sobber , we have alot in common , he is family , he has a goal as a youth, to bring change , he has tammed me to be a better person , employees are relaxed now because he is approachable ,leave madamboss alone ,

WE ARE IN A BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP & I AM HIS BUSINESS HE IS MY MANAGER PERIOD. so whatever he is managing should be none of your business as long as your manager isn’t missing be positive .?? the rest God will provide. @nellyoaks AKOTHEE EMPIRE, I have 4 subjects in my travel lists . Madamboss, MY family @nellyoaks , @austin_blacks my photographer. period. I & my children feel safe in his hands , that’s why we are free with each other ,@nellyoaks the first person In my call list , @nellyoaks when am down , @nellyoaks when mic is not working @nellyoaks when the flight is not yet booked @nellyoaks when the hotel booked is not my standard, (eeeeeeish this Man , ayud pesa kanye anyieuni ndege nyakwar oyugi)” she posted.


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