The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Tuesday April 18)

April 18, 2017

Here are some of the stories making headlines today.

Monitors deliver scathing verdict on Turkish referendum

Representatives from a coalition of international bodies said the referendum took place on an “unlevel playing field” with the “yes” campaign dominating media coverage. Voters were not provided with adequate information, opposition voices were muzzled and the rules were changed at the last minute, they said.

In Ankara, celebrations for Erdogan mask a Turkish schism

Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan chanted outside the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) Ankara headquarters after he claimed a tight victory in a referendum on presidential powers. “Tell us to kill, we will kill. Tell us to die, we will die. Erdogan, Erdogan, Erdogan.”

On North Korean border, Pence tells CNN US will drop ‘failed policy’

With North Korean soldiers standing less than 100 feet behind him at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Vice President Mike Pence told CNN that Pyongyang should understand that the Trump administration’s approach toward the regime will be different than that of past US presidents.

‘God save Erdogan’: Inside the Turkish president’s heartland

Konya was once an agricultural hub, best known as the home of Turkey’s whirling dervishes. Today it’s an economic powerhouse where skyscrapers dot a horizon dominated by minarets for centuries.

US sends newest stealth fighters to Europe

The F-35A jets from Hill Air Force Base in Utah landed at RAF Lakenheath on Saturday for what the Air Force said was several weeks of training with other US aircraft and crews and those from North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies.

Are Gen Xers, boomers suffering serious psychological distress?

People in serious psychological distress are three times more likely to be too poor to afford general health care, and 10 times more likely to be too poor to pay for medications, compared with people who are not mentally ill, according to research published Monday in the journal Psychiatric Services.

Dying child wakes up to say ‘I love you mommy’

On February 4, 2017, Scully’s son Nolan lost his battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects soft tissue. In an ode to her son, Scully shared a photo collage on Facebook showing the harsh realities of childhood cancer.

Instagram is ripping off yet another service

Not content to rip off just Snapchat, Instagram is going after Pinterest, too. The Facebook-owned app is adding a new feature that lets users save individual posts into collections. Love flowers? Or gadgets? Or food porn? Now you can save all those posts for later, letting you obsess over them in the most left-brained way possible.

$43 million was found in a Nigerian apartment and everyone made the same joke

Bet you regret deleting all those emails you got from that Nigerian prince. More than $43 million in U.S. dollar notes was uncovered in an apartment in Nigeria by the country’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The EFCC announced on Facebook that they had received a whistleblower’s tip that someone had been moving bags in and out of the apartment.

United just made it a little harder for you to get bumped off a flight

As the PR disaster for United Airlines continues to rage on in the aftermath of a passenger being forcibly dragged off a flight, the airline is taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Now crew members who need to fly must book their seats an hour before departure, the company said in an internal email late Friday.

This country wants to build the world’s tallest structure but people aren’t excited

When we think tall, we think the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. India now wants to outdo the world’s tallest structure in its financial capital, Mumbai. According to reports, a structure taller than the 828-meter (2,717 ft) Dubai landmark is being conceived. This would make India home to the tallest building in the world.

Prince Harry’s talks about ‘near breakdown’ after his mother’s death

Prince Harry has spoken candidly in a rare interview about being near “complete breakdown” whilst dealing with the grief of losing his mother, Princess Diana. The prince sought counselling after going through two years of “total chaos” in his 20s, he told The Telegraph in an interview for a new podcast.

Please don’t name April the giraffe’s baby Harambe

Congratulations, it’s a boy! And his giraffe name is … well, you’re gonna have to wait for that. Yes, the people at Animal Adventure Park are milking every last drop out of this giraffe birth by holding a naming contest. For $1 a suggestion, you can recommend a name for April’s baby boy, which was finally born this weekend.

#UninstallSnapchat is taking off in India after an allegedly terrible comment from Snap’s CEO

The latest app to delete? Snapchat. Snapchat users in India have been deleting the app since learning about a comment allegedly made by Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel in 2015. “This app is only for rich people,” Spiegel allegedly said at the time, during discussions about Snapchat’s overseas growth.

April the giraffe’s baby is finally here, and the internet is beyond thrilled

If you want someone to get out of bed early on a Saturday, tell them a famous giraffe is giving birth. Yes, friends, open your windows wide and spread the news: after what seems like an eternity of waiting, April the giraffe’s little calf is finally making its grand entrance into the world.

Chelsea vs Tottenham: Premier League title race predicted

Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premier League has been cut to four points Blues lost 2-0 at Manchester United on Sunday after Spurs win on Saturday Chelsea face away trips to Everton and West Brom, plus four home matches Spurs have yet to face Man United and Arsenal in their final six matches It was the weekend that well and truly shook up the Premier League title race.

Zinedine Zidane will continue as Real Madrid coach ‘no matter what’

Spanish newspaper Marca insists Zinedine Zidane will remain coach next year According to Marca, Zidane remains in constant contact with Florentino Perez Madrid are three points clear in La Liga with a game in hand over Barcelona Zidane won the Champions League in his first season in charge at the club Zinedine Zidane will continue as Real Madrid coach ‘no matter what’, according to Spanish newspaper Marca.

Tottenham Hotspur promise lax steward won’t work for the club again

The steward was filmed barely touching fans while doing his security checks The footage was taken outside White Hart Lane ahead of Spurs v Bournemouth Spurs tweeted to say the security contractor has apologised for what happened The steward filmed performing slack, ineffective frisks of supporters before Tottenham Hotspur’s clash with Bournemouth will not work at White Hart Lane again, Sportsmail understands.

Ander Herrera produced a masterclass as Manchester United beat Chelsea

Nobody can accuse Ander Herrera of being a flat track bully. Manchester United’s Spanish wonder has been man of the match in four of their biggest Premier League matches this season – Liverpool away, Tottenham home, Arsenal home and now Chelsea home.

Trump Urges Twitter Followers To Read A Completely Blank Book

On Monday, at 8:13 a.m., President Donald Trump published a surprising tweet. Surprising for two reasons, in fact: Firstly, it recommended a book of “Reasons to Vote for Democrats” to his followers, and secondly, it recommended . Had the president been hacked? What could account for such an uncharacteristic tweet?

Barack And Michelle Obama Are Everyone’s Parents On Vacation

Barack Obama has been enjoying a relatively responsibility-free life since leaving the White House in January. But some commitments are forever, like always taking a photo of your wife on vacation. The former president was spotted serving as Michelle Obama’s dutiful Instagram husband on a boat near the French Polynesian island Moorea.

Erdogan Wins Narrow Referendum Victory

ANKARA/ISTANBUL, April 17 (Reuters) – Supporters of Tayyip Erdogan waved flags in the streets while opponents banged pots and pans in protest in their homes, after a narrow referendum victory gave the Turkish president sweeping powers and laid the nation’s divisions bare.

Trump Can’t Believe People Still Want Him To Release His Tax Returns

President Donald Trump expressed disbelief Sunday that people still want him to release his tax returns and insisted someone must have paid for Saturday’s nationwide protests demanding he do so. In a series of tweets Easter morning, Trump questioned the validity of post-election demonstrations against him and called for an investigation into who must have “paid for the small organized rallies.”

How The Other 1 Percent Live: Hobnobbing With The President For A $200,000 Fee

President Donald Trump spent the weekend with his favorite people: the dues-paying members (and their friends) of his Mar-a-Lago Golf Club, where it costs $200,000 to join. Over the weekend, Trump was reportedly spotted golfing at the Trump International Golf Club and greeting Mar-a-Lago guests.

Ivanka Trump Gets Trolled By Librarians After Tone-Deaf Tweet

Ivanka Trump took to her Twitter last week to applaud librarians and libraries during National Library Week. Twitter, however, was not having it. In March, President Donald Trump released his proposed budget for 2018, which guts four independent cultural agencies, including the Institute of Museum and Library Services (ILMS), The Washington Post reported.

‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Just Had The Biggest Global Opening Weekend Of All Time

Thanks in large part to the Chinese market, “The Fate of the Furious” just had the biggest worldwide opening weekend in Hollywood history. The movie, which was internationally released on Friday, pulled in an estimated $532.5 million globally, Universal Pictures announced.

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