The Hottest Stories on the Internet Today (Wednesday March 29)

March 29, 2017

Here are the stories making headlines today.

Daily Mail’s Brexit ‘Legs’ headline a sexist throwback, internet howls

“It wasn’t quite stilettos at dawn,” read the story’s tease line.

Sheikh Mohammed: Dubai World Cup will be ‘No. 1’ again

His vision became reality in 1996 when he created the Dubai World Cup, held annually at the Meydan Racecourse. In Arabic, “Meydan” suggests a place to congregate and compete; since 2010, the course’s mile-long grandstand has accommodated over 60,000 people, and is considered the world’s longest single structure.

Coca-Cola on trial over “poisonous” products

The court held that high levels of benzoic acid and sunset additives in the popular soft drinks could pose a health risk to consumers when mixed with ascorbic acid — commonly known as vitamin C — according to local media reports.

Amazon buys Middle East e-commerce giant Souq

It has agreed to buy the region’s biggest e-commerce platform, “Joining the Amazon family will enable to continue growing while working with Amazon to bring even more products and offerings to customers worldwide,” Souq said in a statement. The statement did not disclose the size of the deal.

Anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada dies

So much so, many South Africans simply called him “Uncle Kathy.” Kathrada died Tuesday after a short illness following brain surgery, his foundation announced. He was 87. “Comrade Kathy was a gentle, humane and humble soul. He was a determined revolutionary who gave his entire life to the liberation struggle of our country,” said Derek Hanekon, the chairman of the Kathrada Foundation.

200-lb gold coin that’s worth more than $1 million is stolen

The coin, which weighs more than 200 pounds and has a diameter of more than 20 inches, was taken from the Bode Museum in Berlin after 2 a.m. local time. Nicknamed “the “Big Maple Leaf,” the coin was issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007, ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s state visit to Germany.

Cheney: Putin made ‘a very serious effort’ to interfere in US election

“There was a very serious effort made by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and his government, his organization, to interfere in major ways with our basic, fundamental democratic processes,” Cheney said at the Economic Times Global Business Summit in New Delhi, India. “In some quarters that would be considered an act of war.”

How ‘Bones’ bred a new generation of female scientists

Morgan O. John is one of them. She’s a “bonehead” — a term of endearment used by fans of the show to describe themselves as a collective — but also anything but. The 22-year-old is just months away from completing a double major in anthropology and French at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Tinder scammers fool 30 men into sending money over

Swiping right on the wrong person could be costly. A scam cooked up by two men on Tinder has netted at least 30 victims, who transferred “millions of baht” to the two between 2014 and 2016, authorities told the Bangkok Post .

The personal data of all of Hong Kong’s 3.7 million registered voters have been stolen

Two laptops containing personal information of Hong Kong’s 3.7 million registered voters have been stolen. The laptops were reported missing by the Hong Kong electoral office, in what could be the city’s largest scale data breach. The devices were reportedly stolen from a locked room on Lantau Island, off the main Hong Kong island.

Reporter learns why you shouldn’t let random Aussies speak on live TV

Natural disasters and live rolling television coverage. What could go wrong? Parts of the coast in Queensland, Australia were lashed by the powerful Cyclone Debbie on Tuesday, with residents hunkering down indoors. It’s a tad boring to sit around and play cards all day, so one resident from the town of Bowen decided to have a little fun with Channel 7 reporter, Paul Burt.

Truecaller gets payment support and Duo integration as it trickles to feature phones

For Truecaller, an app that offers real-time caller ID and spam protection, the past two years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. On one hand, the eight-year-old service continues to grow strongly in developing markets, and has also chalked out plans to attract people globally.

10 burning questions we need answered in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7

This is usually the time of year when Game of Thrones kicks off to distract us from real life with dragons, wargs and gratuitous sex and blood. Sadly, that carnage will have to wait for July 16, but until then we’ve got some burning questions about what Season 7 has in store.

Boom believes the future of jet travel is supersonic

Jet startup Boom believes the future is supersonic, and it’s now got enough money to prove it. The company announced on Thursday that it raised $33 million for its first major round of funding, enough for the company to build a demonstrator of its XB-1 supersonic aircraft.

Tesla rival continues to be a bad Tesla rival

Faraday Future’s had a hard time getting its Tesla rival on the road. This isn’t going to help. The electric vehicle company halted talks with the government of Vallejo, California, on Friday to build a second factory there, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He created Android and left Google. Now he’s taking on the iPhone.

More than a decade after Andy Rubin sold his Android mobile operating system to Google, he’s back in the mobile phone game. On Monday he posted a tweet with a sneak peek at the upcoming phone from his new company, Essential.

The secret weapon that will make your next computer super fast

If you’ve ever waited for a webpage to load, took a lap around the office while your computer rendered 4K video or watched in dismay as your favorite video game stuttered to life, you know that computers are struggling to keep up with all the data. Intel isn’t down with that.

Stephen Colbert Slams Trump’s ‘Bureau of Obvious Nepotism’

Stephen Colbert ripped President Donald Trump for hiring his own son-in-law for a key job in a newly created department. Jared Kushner, who is married to the president’s elder daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been tapped by the commander in chief to oversee the ” overhaul ” of the government bureaucracy.

British Police Say No Evidence London Attacker Had Any Association With Islamic State, Al Qaeda

LONDON (Reuters) – British police said on Monday they had found no evidence that Khalid Masood, who killed four people in an attack on Britain’s parliament last week, had any association with Islamic State or Al Qaeda, but he was clearly interested in jihad.

Blamer-In-Chief: The Art Of The Dodge

“I blame myself – it was my fault, and I take full responsibility for it,” said Donald Trump, not once, ever, in his entire life. Here’s what else he didn’t say about the rout and ruin of repeal and replace: “I was clueless about health care policy.

Donald Trump’s Low Ratings May Be Getting Even Worse

President Donald Trump’s approval rating has been negative virtually since he first took office. Now, it may be heading even further underwater. In a Gallup survey released Monday, just 36 percent of Americans said they approved of Trump’s job as president.

Young Girl Mistakes Water Heater For A Robot And It’s Adorable

It’s an age-old story: Girl meets water heater, thinks it’s a robot and falls in love. Actually, it’s not that age-old ― it’s the basic plot of a YouTube video called, “Rayna meets a ‘robot'” that is surely going viral as you read this.

Elon Musk Just Launched A New Startup

Does Elon Musk ever sleep? Probably. But whatever the amount, it’s likely diminished even more now, as the serial entrepreneur ― already busy with Tesla, SpaceX and Solar City, not to mention The Boring Company and Hyperloop ― has launched another company.

How you can find out who has unfriended you on Facebook

The original concept behind Facebook was to connect people. Yet, thirteen years and more than one billion people later, Facebook has not only altered the way we communicate, it’s also transformed businesses, impacted relationships and provided us all with a handy way to creep ex-partners and friends of friends.

The two best times to go for a poo on a plane according to a flight attendant

Of all the public toilets in the world, the ones on planes have to be some of the least enjoyable. Firstly, the lighting is a disaster. No matter how much you might be brimming with rude health, one look in the mirror will instead show eye bags, cavernous pores and a washed-out, sallow complexion.

New drone seats two for 120mph flights – and looks like it’s from outer space

This bizarre new drone looks like it’s dropped to Earth from outer space – but it’s actually been made especially for humans. Dubbed the I.F.O or ‘identified flying object’, the drone is a two seater vehicle that could be about to change flight as we know it.

Man sends colleague disastrous text that was meant for his wife

Today in regretful text messages is this one: a missive meant for a wife that ended up going to a work colleague. Twitter user Hamza Hendrix was sent last week quite a blustering message about how he was “ruining” his manager’s life. “You’re making me so f****** angry, more than anyone I’ve ever met,” the text says.

Bridesmaid left devastated after being sprayed with fire extinguisher

This is the shocking moment wedding pranksters got out of hand by spraying a bridesmaid with a fire extinguisher. The bizarre incident was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone at the wedding in the city of Zhaoqing in southern China’s Guangdong Province.

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