PHOTOS – Camp Mulla’s Ms Karun Unveils Pregnancy in Stunning Photo Shoot

March 7, 2017

Former Camp Mulla member Karun Mungai better known as Ms Karun, is heavy with child.

The singer, who now goes by the stage name Runkah, is in her third trimester and is due anytime now.

Having kept the pregnancy a secret and deleted all her Instagram snaps, the singer has finally unveiled her baby bump with a stunning photo gallery by her close friend and bandmate Marushka, a Los Angeles-born singer/songwriter.

Karun, Marushka, rapper Taio Trippper and poet/rapper Kiwango make up the music & art collective Cosmic Homies.

In an exclusive with What’s Good NetworksCosmic Homies media partner where Marushka and Taio worked as journalists, Runkah described her pregnancy as the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to her.

“This is definitely the most powerful thing that’s ever happened to me, in all directions – not just powerful positive or powerful negative, it’s just… powerful. That Mother Earth kind of energy… I can try explain it to you, but also every woman’s pregnancy is different. What I personally experience is… random surges of creativity – but at the same time a lack of interest in music. So! My creativity has not been in what I’ve been or what I’ve invested my entire life into – which can be heartbreaking at times – but at least, I’ve had some kind of a (creative) release. Like – I still draw, I still paint, I still have incredible ideas that seem to come out of nowhere…,” revealed Runkah.

“Another powerful thing about being pregnant is that you get this super human quality that I’d heard of, but that… when you experience it… you realise that the human body is actually really incredible and –where the hell did all this strength come from?” she adds.

Runkah, 22, who left Camp Mulla and the country years back to study music in Boston, is back in Kenya, but it is still unclear of she is here to stay or just to deliver.

The photos:

Photos courtesy/ Marushka/NuFvnk

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