OMG: Kakamega Man Stabs Himself to Death Over Unpaid Salary Arrears

February 14, 2017

A 38-Year-Old farmworker has taken his life after his employer failed to pay him for two years.

Nelson Anyamba stabbed himself to death after his monthly Sh 5000 salary went unpaid for 24 months.

According to his wife, Phyllis Sariku, Anyamba’s employer failed to pay the full amount and deducted 24 month’s pay for catering for milk allegedly taken by the deceased’s family.

“The agreement between my husband and the employer was to get Sh5,000 every month. This adds up Sh120,000. When he asked to be paid he was told that the cost of milk had been deducted from his salary and was only given Sh5,000. He refused to take it and went out. I was shocked to find him dead next to the pit latrine,” she said.

She added that her husband had planned to use the money to purchase a piece of land.

But Mr Anyamba’s employer, Ms Esther Akisali, denied falling out with the deceased saying he had suddenly announced that he was quitting the same night.

“I asked him why he was leaving that night and tried convincing him to leave the following day but he refused and said he had found a new place to stay,” she said.

“He has lived with me for more than three years and we have never had any misunderstanding. He even has three cows which he has been keeping here. I don’t understand the cause of the problem because when I returned in the evening I found him packing his belongings,” she added.

The matter was reported to relevant authorities for investigation.

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