“Jaguar Ana Ushamba Mwingi” – Prezzo Fires Back At Jaguar For Calling Him A Socialite

June 10, 2016

jagWhen hitmaker Jaguar called out rapper Prezzo for exhibiting socialite-like tendencies, we all expected a swift response. It may not have come immediately, but the rapper has finally responded to his long standing archenemy three weeks later.
In an interview with Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru and Kalekye Mumo last month Jaguar ‘killed’ two birds(Akothee and Prezzo) with one stone when he said:
“I don’t hate Prezzo. On the contrary, I have a lot of respect for him. However, if I have to hit the studios with him, then he should not bring the socialite tendencies. He should be a man…You know he is the male version of Akothee.” 
Prezzo, who lives for such drama, recently spoke to Tanzania’s Radio 5 FM saying he is also open to the idea of working with the ‘Going Nowhere’ hitmaker but only if Jaguar drops his provincialism(ushamba).
“Akipunguza ushamba then mimi na yeye tunaweza kufanya kazi”(If he reduces the provincialism then we can definitely work together),” he retorted.
He went on to point out one instance where Jaguar’s parochialism is prevalent- Jaguar’s dab dance in his latest video, ‘Going Nowhere’ with Mafikizolo.
“Lakini ujue jamaa kwangu mimi ana ushamba mwingi yaani. Kuna video kafanya na Mafikizolo angalieni hiyo nyimbo. Kuna sehemu kafanya kile kitu kinachofaa kuwa dab. Ile Jaguar alivyofanya mshkaji wangu ni kama anampiga mtu kipepsi,” said a laughing Prezzo.

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