“Women Plus the Thought of Sex Scare Me” – Says Virgin Kenyan Actor

May 3, 2016

omtereSelf-confessed virgin actor, Eric Omtere now says he might need counselling to get over his fear of women and sex.
The Mombasa based actor says he is almost 30 and is thinking about settling down but his phobia is holding him back.
“Honestly, women scare me. The thought of sex, having a woman and I get physical, emotionally scares the hell out of me. I am getting to think that this is not normal, especially now that I want to settle down,” he told Pulse.
He also revealed how he does not let sex talk happen.
“I am almost 30 now. I have beautiful girls all around me and I am closing in so that I can settle down. But most of them do think that I have an issue as I never let the sex talk happen. The last time anyone came up with such a suggestion, it was a sugar mummy and you should have seen me running away,” said the actor and events manager.

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