“Will you Eat S£X?” – Akothee Lectures Women who Can’t Cook

May 18, 2016

akotheeAccording to Akothee, having a hole between one’s legs does not make one a woman. Yup, her words not mine! The controversial songstress has come out guns blazing on women who cannot carry out basic household chores like cooking and ironing.
In a video posted on her Facebook page, the ‘Give It To Me’ singer is seen in her kitchen preparing porridge as she goes about her hard hitting lecture.
‘You don’t know how to cook chapati, the only thing you can cook is strungi(strong tea) and eggs..And then you expect that there is a man who will marry you or you expect that a sponsor will take you. Will you eat sex?” she says.
She also uses the opportunity to blast the ‘haters’ on social media who spend their time hating on successful people.
Watch that interesting 4 minute video below:
Akothee | Facebook

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