PHOTO – This Is What FemiOne Looked Like in High School at Gakarara Secondary

January 26, 2016

femioneOne of the most promising female emcees in the country, FemiOne, apparently went to one of those secondary schools with a difficult name to pronounce.
She is however proud of her school. If you were keen on her single ‘Wanjiku Kimani’ you may have hear her mention Gakarara Secondary.
Well, now that you know where she went to school, it is only fair that you see what she looked like as a student. She shared on her Instagram a photo with her mum and captioned it, “All grown up nikaingia seco gakarara.” This is the Gakarara I speak about in Wanjiku Kimani. This was when my mum came for my first visiting at Gakarara. #TBT #murangahukondani#mbalinimbalisana
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