Lesbian Lass Hits On a Lady Only to Realize She Was Not Gay… the Replies She Got Will Make Your Day (THREAD)

January 26, 2016

Gone are the days when normalcy was men hitting on women. In today’s confusing world, a woman can hit on a man, a woman on a woman and worse still a man on another man. Don’t get shocked, we are just living in the era of reversed roles brethren. Anyway, sometimes the gay, when looking for partners, mistake and hit on straight people – a scenario that doesn’t always end nicely. I mean which straight person will be comfortable being called ‘bae’ by a member of same sex?
I came across an interesting thread of this lesbian sister who was trying to express her feeling to another lady, only to learn that her prey was not her type. Though she tried as much as she could to convince her, it was all a wild goose chase. Well, talk of a failed attempt, this lesbian sister just got curved the hard way.

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