Bamboo Makes Comeback With New Jam ‘Too Much Potential’ (AUDIO)

April 15, 2015

bambooFormer K-South rapper, Bamboo has made his comeback into the music scene with a new jam dubbed ‘Too Much Potential.’
The jam is basically about inspiring everyone to tap into their full potential.
Bamboo describes the song:
“This recording was made with the intent that those who feel low in life in any way shape or form really need to know one thing. In each and every human being there is tremendous potential to do more than we ever imagined. The worst thing about the cemetery is that it is filled with untapped potential that we will never see. This single was created to inspire that potential within the heart and mind of the listener to do something with their lives despite whatever storm they may be going thru. If this storm does not break you, it will make you and then take you to the next level in life. So pass this test and graduate in life! God bless you all and be sure to spread this message to someone who needs to hear it!!”
Give it a listen below and be inspired:

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