PHOTOS – Kenyan Actors Enjoy ‘Hollywood VIP Treatment’ at Fundi-mentals Premiere

February 18, 2015

The much hyped and eagerly awaited sexy comedy series dubbed ‘Fundi-mentals’ that stars the likes of Kalekye Mumo, Gerald Langiri, Lizz Njagah and other big celebrities officially premiered as planned.
With the movie’s launch being held in different theaters in different places, an events company known as Royal Hometown Limousines & Evene Ltd has came out to offer the crew and cast starring in the film a feel and taste of what top Hollywood actors enjoy. During the main launch at IMAX last Saturday, ‘Fundi-mentals’ actors were chauffeured in classic, executive stretch limos that the events company had offered them free of charge.The launch was well organised, lively and full of pomp and color as it had a set-up that brought a Hollywood feel to it.
Here are some photos of the cast enjoying the locally rare privilege during the mega launch.
House of lungula 1
House of lungula 2
House of lungula 3
House of lungula 4
House of lungula 5
House of lungula 6
House of lungula 7
House of lungula 8
House of lungula 9
House of lungula 10
House of lungula 11
House of lungula 12

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