Sonko Exposes the Imposter Conning in His Name

February 18, 2015

sonkoAs it turns out, someone has been using Mike Sonko’s name to fleece hard earned cash out of innocent and ignorant Kenyans. The imposter, with a Truecaller name Koech Sonko, has been asking people to wire him money so that he could book them a meeting with the Nairobi Senator.
The conman has also been asking for cheque processing fees and bribes to help people get recruited to the Sonko Rescue Team. After learning of the trickery, a shocked Mike Sonko took to his Facebook fan page to reveal the conman as well warn citizens against such people. Posting about the incidence, here is what he said.
I kindly request you to avoid paying anything to get an appointment with me…There is a conman using this number 0714705873 who goes by the name Koech Sonko, according to truecaller. Mimi sipeani Motorbike neither am i request ing for cheque processing fees, hata recruitment of sonko rescue team ni free…Please be very vigilant,thank you.
Here is how  ‘smart’ Koech Sonko has been conducting his trade.
Sonko Koech 1
Sonko Koech 2
Sonko Koech 3
Sonko Koech 4

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