Radio Sensation Anita Nderu at War With Kenyans on Twitter

May 6, 2014

The alluring Capital Fm’s news anchor Anita Nderu made it to the wrong side of KOT after making some remarks on twitter regarding  the twin blasts along the Thika Super Highway, that saw two innocent civilians lose their lives.
The gorgeous lass joined the likes of Lilian Muli and Caroline Mutoko who have crossed paths with the unforgiving and ruthless KOT.
In an effort to be president Uhuru’s knight in shining armour, she landed into trouble. These are the tweets she made that stirred mixed reactions of Kenyans on twitter.

I was going to ignore you idiots but it is NOT Uhurus fault that extremists are terrorizing our country! Extremists will kill regardless
— Anita Nderu (@AnitaNderu) May 4, 2014


@Etalephil @fokango @janbosire Uhuru Kenyatta is not jesus, he is our countries president. Kindly differentiate
— Anita Nderu (@AnitaNderu) May 4, 2014


Anita tried to fight back but the shots did not work on her favor.
Here are some reactions from Kenyans.

Lool…Y’all hating on Anita Nderu and she ain’t Kenyan. She’s from TEEN REPUBLIC!
Anita Nderu just called us idiots but she spelt idle as idol. I wonder who is the idiot here.
What seems more dense to me is not what Anita Nderu said, but that some dumb people expected better from her
The furthest Anita Nderu has gone is study at Kampala International University. That is where she gained her fake accent.
Kuna mtu ameambia Anita Nderu “..your name betrays your thoughts..”OOOUUUUCCCHHH!!
Anita Nderu is using her accent to think.

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