Gloria Muliro also Snubs Groove Awards

May 6, 2014

Gloria Muliro is a gospel musician with an astounding voice that not only compels one to replay her music but also lifts your spirit. As expected, she was one of the nominees at this year’s Groove Awards.
However, the beautiful songtress declined to participate in this prestigious ceremony. Through her Facebook page, she wrote…

Hi my Friends, fans. About the ongoing groove awards, I would like to tell you that I am not contesting this year because I decided to step down and pave way for my fellow artists to whom I would love to see them prosper in this music industry. I believe that there are so many young talents out there who are working hard and who need such a motivation more than I do and that is why my son Willy Paul and I will not be contesting in the awards this year because we were lucky to get the same last year. We’ve won different awards even from outside the country and so we decided to let the struggling young Talents to have a share of the cake, also because we might appear to be selfish.
I respect the organizers of Groove awards and am ready and willing to work together with them.

This came just days after the award winning Willy Paul, currently in the US also declined to participate.

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