Model Emma Too Tells Off People Who Pressure Singles

May 2, 2014

Former Face of Africa finalist and Model, now an interior designer, Emma Too has told off those people who pressure singles into settling down.
In a Facebook update, Emma wrote,

“it’s better to be alone, than with someone and lonely.Stop the pressure on Singles to settle!!! Personally I’m single, straight & content. ‘Single for life’ isn’t a bad idea at all, just get heavily sedated during the bank holidays awaken when it’s all over & you’ll be totally well rested and ready to face life’s daily challenges just like everyone else. “It’s better to be alone, than with someone and lonely.”Stop the pressure on Singles to settle!!! Remember not all birds can or must fly. Take that to central bank:-)

It is a worldwide trend especially when it comes to the single ladies. The pressure to get married is brutal when a certain age is reached. Worse if one is succeeding in terms of career, people will speculate either to tag one as intimidating, playing for team b or even diagnosing some problem or the other.
Being single is and certainly a personal choice for anyone.

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