Former Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Marete Reveals She has Roots in Tanzania

May 19, 2014

Recently, former Miss Universe Kenya and now celebrated Las Vegas based celebrity TV host, Rachel Marete released a hit dubbed ‘Nguvu’. The hit’s video was done by a director that has done some of the biggest videos in Hollywood for artists like Chris Brown, Wale, Tank and many more. It’s definitely one of the best videos among many in Kenya.
Away from the thrilling video, the gorgeous model in an interview with Pulse hinted that she has roots in Tanzania. She revealed that her father, whom she never talks about during media interviews was a prominent Tanzanian politician.
“Yes, that is one of my closely kept secrets ever. I have Tanzanian roots. My father was a politician… a Tanzanian politician,” she revealed adding that she is Kenyan by virtue of having a Kamba mother.
“I have always kept within my roots and that is why I am planning to come back for a while and do projects on local channels,” she told Pulse.
Well, we can only say, the lass is Tanzanian but Kenyan by choice..If that makes sense – that is.

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