Linda Muthama To Make a Come Back With a Show

May 19, 2014

Linda Muthama made her debut in stardom when she first featured on TPF season one where she blew many away with her soft and alluring voice. Her melodious voice dazzled many not leaving out the ‘hard to impress’ judge, Ian Mbugua.
The lass has been off media for a while now after taking a break and laying low amid allegations she was a homewrecker. The doting mother and wife to comedian Walter Mung’are aka Nyambane is back on the music scenes and will be launching a new campaign dubbed Pandoras Box that will highlight women’s complications during childbirth.
Linda will also be hosting a concert on May 30 at the Michael Joseph Center, Nairobi and will be performing alongside female musicians such as Kaz and Neema Ntalel.

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