All The Reactions After Tony Gachoka Appeared on Jeff Koinange Live Looking Drunk

May 16, 2014

tonyThough not everyone agreed with his arguments, there was some kind of common agreement that political strategist Tony Gachoka was drunk, or at least high on something on Wednesday night during Jeff Koinange Live.
He is a favourite of the bench, and this time round he hit the Jubilee administration hard. He was just recently their biggest supporter and it’s not clear what they did to him.
Despite his points, it was his behavior and how he delivered them that left many Kenyans to think he was not sober. Even Mutahi Ngunyi insinuated the same.

At some point during the interview, he left to go pee… he did not wait for that commercial break and am not kidding. Am not an expert, but I guess alcohol is notorious for pressuring your bladders.
Anyway, don’t take my word, here are some reactions from Kenyans.

 @ali_adan09: If I grow up I wanna be like Tony Gachoka on drunkard On live T.V show
Tony Gachoka is clearly drunk. #JKL – @RobertAlai
@EgoHenrie Tony Gachoka’s points are sober but the guy is clearly drunk #JKL
All these “I talk to the president…” statements, Tony Gachoka reminds me of those drunk guys that keep asking “do you know me?” #JKL – @NjagiNjagz
Tony Gachoka you got the Winston Churchill quote wrong! – @GitobuImanyara
tony gachoka should marry kansiime #jkl”
Give Tony Gachoka a break. He is like any average Kenyan trying to hold an intelligent conversation at 10 pm. We would all sound like him! – @MutahiNgunyi
Tony Gachoka: who saw him last nght on KTN?had a nice one on one with jeff koinange,but he appeared tipsy ama? – @agapenact
If you feel you are not making sense talk louder ~ Tony Gachoka – @kjessemuchai
Tony Gachoka …it’s like ulikuwa umewekwa #AROMAT #unbelievabull @TonyGachoka #KOT – @Peddy_Montana
Watching tony gachoka while drunk was just fun c I was also high as hell. – @kawa_ngware
@KoinangeJeff must be regretting inviting Tony Gachoka to #JKL – @NikolaosMui
@johnjasuba Tony Gachoka is screaming”HELP”on National Tv and Guys are finding it funny.He is Alcoholic.He needs Help nt Trend. – @mkibuchis_Mzito
Tony Gachoka drunk rum stimulated his thoughts n he said every thing point blank!! Tony on rum – @gratianovosti
Tony Gachoka has an Alcohol problem. – @mkibuchis_Mzito
Tony gachoka just showed 254 that drunks can be opinionated and frankly not just spit a load of nonsense but a bit of truth – @mahehumuriuki
Too drunk!!! Smh “@isaiah_langat: Tony Gachoka go home you are drunk! #JKL” –  ‏@kimberlykaranja
So Tony Gachoka was so pressed he had to rush and relieve himself then come back on #JKL. Ulevi haina Shujaa – @muleim
Hold on, did Tony Gachoka just walk off with no warning??? The guy is clearly inebriated! why is he on air?? #JKL – @LundzM
“Do I look drunk?” Tony Gachoka #JKL – @NjagiNjagz
Nooooooooooooo Tony Gachoka is drunk damn! –  ‏@TrupyWupy

Here’s the video.

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