Beautiful Singer and Former TPF Contestant, Patricia Kihoro Joins Efik Fattening Room

May 2, 2014

The FATTENING ROOM is an authentic experience set in the historically significant city of Calabar, also home to the famous Calabar Cultural Festival. Its  reserved for only  six young ladies from across Africa an adventure of self discovery for the every first time.
In old Efik tradition, voluptuous women with wide childbearing hips were more than desirable. Tended hand and foot with large meals, they would fill out fast in the fattening room. Add to it a modern twist and these women will embark on a journey of self-discovery as they experience an age-old tradition and learn the art of true womanhood and the secret of finding and keeping true love.

The ladies start the series in the strict Efik tradition and journey towards modern invention while always honour their African roots.

Beautiful singer, actress, Home Boyz Radio News Anchor and former TPF contestant, Patricia Kihoro is among the six ladies in attendance.

Patricia joins Stephanie Unachukwu (designer and fashionista from Nigeria), Roselyn Ashkar (a fashion model from Ghana), Sally Berold (an adventurer and skateboarder from South Africa), Tshepo Maphanyanye (publicity and public relations executive from Botswana) and Limpo Funjika (a business development manager from Zambia).

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