Kisii County Rep Charged For Calling President Uhuru a ‘Bhang Smoker’

May 2, 2014

kenyattaA civic leader from Kisii faces jail term for allegedly calling President Uhuru Kenyatta a bhang smoker. Samuel Aboko Onkwani, was this week charged in a Kisii court in what sources say was a reference made last year alleging that the president smokes marijuana – a common joke people often spew with regards to the president’s red eyeballs. The Kiogoro Ward representative was charged with undermining the authority of a state officer.
Before principal magistrate Kibet Sambu, Mr Samuel through his lawyers denied the charges and asked that he be released on a reasonable bond. They also sought to be supplied with witness statements and recordings intended to be used as evidence to the allegations.
“My Lord we pray that this court releases our client on a reasonable bond, we also ask that we be supplied with witness statements,” said Nyambati, one of Samuel’s lawyer.
The court ordered that the accused be released on a Sh50,000 bond and a surety of the same amount or a cash bail of Sh20,000. The hearing of the case will commence on June 3, 2014.

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