New PHOTOS Confirming Nazizi’s Relationship With Tanzanian Producer

April 16, 2014

nazz1Celebrities are keen to contradict reports that they consider to be damaging to their careers, but sooner or later the truth always finds its way. One such celebrity is Kenya’s first lady of rap, Nazizi. Shortly after she announced an end to her five year marriage to Tanzanian Vinny, photos surfaced of the Necessary Noize member with Homeboyz radio producer, Sappy. It was widely reported that the two were an item but Nazizi came out to refute those rumors.
Well, it now appears she is still not off the hook. New photos circulating on social media do not make her case any easier. It is believed Sappy has already introduced her to his parents in Mwanza. In addition, Sappy has been very close to Nazizi’s family including her son.
Here are the photos
nazz9Photos Courtesy

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