Tujuane Mirfat’s Publicity Stunt Pays off, Lands New TV Role

March 26, 2014

Tujuane-KTN-4One thing that everyone, especially those in the entertainment industry, should know is that there is nothing like bad publicity. As long as it keeps you relevant and on people’s lips, then you are good to go. That has worked for people like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and closer home, for Mirfat Musa.
Mirfat, who shot to fame after blasting her date on popular dating show Tujuane, will now play the governor’s personal assistant in KTN’s show The Governor. She replaces Risper Faith who will now play the governor’s mistress.

“The actress who was playing the role, Risper Faith, will now play the role of the governor’s mistress,” says Nick Otieno.
Mirfat, now dubbed Susan tujuane, was bullied by people on social media for being rude to her date during the show. The trolling is said to have affected her so much that she flew to Dubai to let things cool off. Now thanks to her publicity stunt, she will now be gracing your screens every week.

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