PHOTO – Meet Anto NeoSoul’s Number One Fans, His Mum and Dad

March 26, 2014

antoAnto Neosoul’s much anticipated debut album was launched a few weeks ago and was well received, with table topping hit Paid My Dues having more than 5000 views on YouTube in two days.
Fans and music lovers have been reveling at the artistes incredible vocals and his fresh and different style since the launch, and his favorite fans were not left behind. After the launch of the album StarBorn, the Teen Republic host shared a photo of his mum and dad and paid tribute to them for what they had done for him.
Here’s what he said

“The 2 most important people in my life are like ” #Cop our son’s album.

Words cannot explain how I feel about my parents who are so friggin supportive, care free, wise yet very young, spiritual, soulful….and my mum can SANG better than any Kenyan female musician. Quote me. Now you know where my singing came from.

My pops introduced me to Soul Music and Mum took me to choir and made sure I sang in every church event. #StarBorn is made of these moments. #truthfully #myparentsarewaycoolerthanyours #youknow #howyoursinsisted #thatyoudoaccounts #minetookmetoconcertsandweremyagents #in #primaryschool #theylookyoung #buttheyarebloodyold #goodmusic #laughter #Bible #and #LOVE #keepsthemgoing “

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