K24’s Tom Mboya Sued For Child Support By University Student

March 7, 2014

tomHonestly, I never saw this coming. I never envisioned myself writing Tom Mboya, child support and a university student all in one sentence. Seriously, a university student!
One Elsie Achieng, a student at Kenya Methodist University, is suing Tom Mboya for monthly child support of ksh 50,ooo. She told the court that she was currently unemployed and lacked the ability to provide for their child.
Ksh 50, 000 is peanuts considering Tom was said to be earning up to Ksh 200, 000 per month when he was at Citizen TV.  Bearing in mind that he was poached from the station by K24, he must be earning more than that. In fact it’s said he gets paid Sh1 million every month.
Apparently, Tom Mboya has been supporting the girl since she gave birth two years ago, but suddenly stopped in November last year. Achieng told the court that all attempts to have him take parental responsibility have been unsuccessful.
“All efforts to have him take parental responsibility have failed,”she said through her lawyer Pauline Muhanda.
It doesn’t end there, Tom has even refused to give her his ID to enable her get their child’s birth certificate. She requested that the court order him to do so as soon as possible.
Additional reporting by the Star

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