Guy Loses Job After Appearing on Tujuane

March 7, 2014

tujuaneA man has come out to claim he lost his job after appearing on an episode of  NTV’s dating show, Tujuane.
Tender Ooko worked as a beauty therapist at a Westlands salon. He appeared on episode 5 of Tujuane season 2 that aired on March 3. He says a lot of people labelled him arrogant and disrespectful to women after watching the show.
The negative reactions on social media after the show aired have cost me my job. The manager argues that I have damaged the reputation of the business at large,” he said.
He continued to advise Kenyans to be lenient on the people who appear on the show before criticizing them, saying such shows are often scripted for entertainment purposes. He explained that his behaviour on Tujuane was purely acting and not a depiction of his personality.

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