Jaguar and Juliani To Pay For Rehab For Artists Lost in Drug Addiction

March 20, 2014

jaguar-picSometime back, Standard wrote a piece on drug addictions among artists and specifically rappers. The article focused on the rap group Kalamashaka that brought you hits such as Dandora L.O.V.E among many more. Apparently, Johnny Vigetti, one third of the trio, is drowning in this deep pool of drug addictions and if you didn’t know, the rapper was in prison and was released the same day Jaguar was shooting the video for his latest jam Kioo.
Fortunately for him, Jaguar and gospel heavyweight Juliani have offered to pay for his rehabilitation but first, they have to find him.
“We are trying to help Vigetti beat the addiction. Plans are already underway to take him to a rehab,” said Juliani. “The only problem is locating his whereabouts since he cannot be reached on phone.”
Jaguar, who abused drugs before he decided to quit and venture into music, says that it is time for the industry to help their own who inspired a lot of people across Africa back in the days.
“I have been trying to help these talented Kenyans who inspired a generation and made them dare to dream from the ghettos across Africa. It is time for the industry to help their own,” Jaguar told the SDE.
Kamaa, who was also a part of the trio, is the only one who seems to have his life in order. He currently gives lectures in Universities abroad and is said to have gotten engaged to his long time girlfriend.

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