PHOTO – Fan ‘Deeply Moves’ Lulu Hassan With Customised Clock

March 20, 2014

luluEver since Lulu Hassan signed with Citizen Tv, she has gotten a huge following from young girls who want to be like her and she has helped popularise the hijab.
Fans can sometimes get crazy and creepy in a bid to express their love to their role models. For instance, a psychotic fan was arrested for sneaking into Justin Bieber’s house and sleeping on his bed. However, back home, most of them are just content with showing small sweet guestures. Lulu Hassan was moved by one particular fan who customised a wall clock with her photo and captioned it smile of the year 2014.
She had this to say about the gift;
To my Anonymous fan,
Thank you very much for this wonderful gift was deeply touched by your gesture,this wall clock speaks volume…..And will forever be grateful.
Take a look at the clock.

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