Actress Lizz Njagah To Move To Nigeria

March 18, 2014

lizz njagahI saw this coming and am beginning to think I should be a prophet or something. House of Lungula actress Lizz Njagah is set to move to Nigeria in search of greener pastures. Yes people, she is taking her talent to Lagos.
Apparently, the Kenyan Film Commision has been doing nothing but exploiting filmmakers. In a showdown between the actress and KFC chairman on twitter, Lizz accused the commission of reaping where it has not sown.
“Please look at what SA have done, why can’t we replicate what they are doing? But if KFC is acting as an arm of KRA as opposed to acting as an arm of the ministry of culture then we are doomed. Just look at what is happening in SA and Nigeria. I just realised how futile this is.”
Then came the revelation;
“I’m moving to Nigeria.” She concluded.
Her husband, film director Konstantaras, echoed her words saying that the film industry was in the hands of a few individuals who were bleeding their creativity.
“We already knew that the future of Kenyan cinema was entirely on the hands of a few individuals who are bleeding their creativity and pockets on a labour of love. We are dead alone on this. And I’d rather we are alone, at least we know that what we are doing is pure and coming from the heart.”
There you have it people, another talent lost. Our loss.

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