Mr Seed Narrow Escape Along Mombasa Road

March 18, 2014

mr-seedIf you have ever driven along Mombasa road, you would understand why it is so prone to road accidents. Overspeeding like no one’s business. When the rain season begins, things go from bad to worse.
On Thursday last week, Gospel singer Mr seed escaped death along the busy highway. The singer was in the company of his pals. They were returning home from the crosskonect concert which was held at Daystar university, when the car they were in burst its tyre swaying off the road. Luckily, they all escaped with minor injuries.
“Yesterday I escaped death three times at Mombasa road….it was after Crosskonnect #‎DayStar university edition, n it was really raining heavy so i couldn’t see the road clear, all of a sudden i dont know what happened tile ika burst n i lost control gari ikatoka kwa barabara almost rolled buh God was with me n my pals n Benachi…that was the 1st incident but all in all God saved us whatever the devil was planning ilishindwa in Gods name….. small injuries but i will be fine…”
Additional reporting by Uliza links 

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