Tahidi High’s Shish To Star in a new Movie

February 27, 2014

Shish-of-Tahidi-HighDon’t you just love the visual arts. I mean, actors and actresses jump into a character’s shoes and pull the whole thing off like they were the real characters. I find joy in such things. Any way, this is not about me, it’s about former Tahidi High actress Shish.
Shish has been missing from the limelight for sometime now, since she played Kipepeo in Shuga and am sure am not the only one who thinks she aced the part. I missed her roles and acting and decided to embark on ‘the search of Shish’ as I like to call it and this is what I found out. Apparently, she has been working on a film dubbed Wazi. The movie casts talented actors such as Joseph Wairimu, actress Ainea Ojiambo, just to mention a few. She posted the photo below on set.

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