Gloria Muliro Blasts Upcoming Gospel Artists

February 27, 2014

muliroThe road to success is normally a long one and many do not appreciate that. Most of us would rather take the lift instead of the staircase. After many phone calls and collabo requests from upcoming artists, Gloria Muliro has finally decided to address the issue.
During her Msaidizi album tour, Gloria had a few words of wisdom to all the upcoming artists in the gospel industry. Work hard and put your faith in God and God alone not Gloria Muliro. A simple collabo with her will not get you to the top contrary to what new musicians believe. While narrating her success story, the singer revealed that she launched her first album back in 2005 but it took her several years to gain recognition.
To all of those that think that a collabo is the solution, it might have worked with Willy Paul but that may not be the solution. A mathematical formula does not have the solution to all mathematical problems. Work hard period.
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