Ogopa Responds To The Amos and Josh Saga

February 14, 2014

amos and joshWe recently told you that the Dynamic duo Amos and Josh had snubbed a recording deal with Ogopa deejays because of the mess the stable was in. However, if Ogopa’s response is anything to go by, then that was all untrue; there was no deal in the first place. It was just a mere publicity stunt.
According to Ogopa deejays Lucas, they have never even heard of them.
“I’ve spoken to my guys and nobody knows who those people are. They are just looking for cheap publicity!” Lucas told Ghafla.
Amos and Josh were the first runners up of Tusker Project fame six. Its not yet clear whether they have a recording deal already but one thing is for sure, they are not signing with Ogopa.

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