Ngangalito Urges K Denk To Drop His Gun and Concentrate on Music

February 12, 2014

ngangaFormer Tusker Project Fame contestant, Ng’ang’alito is the latest star to urge South Sudanese rapper K denk to drop arms and try to foster peace in the war torn country through music.
K Denk recently posted photos of himself holding an AK47 on his Facebook page, with some really disturbing war statements.
“Hey K denk instead of holding that gun you should be holding a guitar in Malakal. Instead of inciting you should be singing healing songs to the brokenhearted. God gave you talent and a platform (TPF) but you choose violence as an instrument for you to be heard. Listen to the voice of truth,” urged Ngangalito.
K Denk gave his reply.
“Fame is none when no freedom to speak your heart. But [I have] heard you though.”
These are the pictures that have left the South Sudanese fans worried.
“I’m not courageous about the step I have taken. Anyway I don’t mind dying after all. So forgive me. Let me do as I choose. No music now but later when equal rights and fairness prevails. Thanks.”

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