Rumours – Obama and Beyonce are Having an Affair

February 12, 2014

obIf speculations are true, U.S. President Barack Obama’s marriage might be on the rocks, and he is believed to be growing distant from his wife, Michelle.
The French media on Monday took note of this alleged trouble in Obama’s marriage and claimed that he might be cheating on his wife with singer Beyonce.
Comments on the affair were first made on Europe 1 radio station on Monday morning, Mail Online reported, adding that Pascal Rostain, the photographer who took pictures of French president Francois Hollande secretly visiting his lover, spoke of the Obama-Beyonce affair.
“You know, at this moment, in the United States, there’s something huge which is about to happen,” Rostain told interviewer Jean-Marc Morandini, according to Mail Online.
“Indeed, it will come out tomorrow in the Washington Post. We cannot say that it is from the gutter press – a supposed liaison between President Barack Obamaand Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will talk.”
The Washington Post denied that such a story is in the works, and a spokesperson for Beyonce called the alleged affair “absurd”.
Shedding more light on why he thinks an affair is brewing between Obama and Beyonce, who have been friends for years now, Rostain said: “First, there are still or television images of the Obama couple becoming a little distant. It is legitimate to ask questions.
“We found the same thing, always through images, between [French President] Hollande and [his partner Valerie Trierweiler]. Afterwards, there was the rumor.
“Same for Obama and Beyonce, for example. Just because it’s a rumor doesn’t mean that one should not go in the field to check. We should not forget Marilyn [Monroe] or Monica Lewinsky.”
Beyonce has been an ardent supporter of Obama, and in 2012, she even penned an open letter where she expressed her adoration of the president. She wrote that Obama is the reason why her daughter and nephew can grow up knowing they can be anything they want to be.
Obama, too, has been vocal with his praises for Beyonce, at one point saying that Beyonce could not be a better role model for his girls – Malia and Sasha — because she carries herself with poise and class.

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