Amileena Angered By Questions on Her Love Life

January 30, 2014

‘Shine’ hitmaker and former Tusker Project Fame finalist Amileena recently got irritated over dating and acting questions constantly posed at her. “My private life is none of your concern”, she told the Star
Word had gone round that the melodious singer has been having romantic dates with scriptwriter, actor and Know Zone presenter Charles Ouda.
The singer added.

“Whether I am dating him or not is none of your business. Confirming or not will never at all help my music career. If telling people about who I am dating will make me sell volumes of my album, then I will tell everyone…but in this matter, I don’t see that happening.”
“I am doing a lot of music projects and if all you can dwell on is about my private life…it makes no sense. Let my private life be my concern. You can go and shoot whoever is feeding you with this kind of information. I can’t comment any further,”

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